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There is nothing like uniting a family with a dog that will bring so much love and joy to their family. It is that passion that drives us each and every day. The way a dog can change a person’s life is something that we understand very well and those stories are why each day at Furry Babies is special and each family matters. Meet some of our extended Furry Babies Family members!

MINDY’s Family

We got our Morkie, Mindy from Furry Babies in February, 2022. She has made our life so joyful. Mindy has been God's gift to us and we feel very blessed. She is a good girl and couldn't be happier. Furry Babies is always there to help with any questions and there are no stupid questions. Very friendly staff and certainly knowledgeable. If you are thinking of getting a fur baby, look no more, this is the place

Cloie’s Family

Cloie has brought much happiness to our home. Yes, we spoil her like a new baby.

Fergie’s Family

March of 2015 we were set on finding a large breed to add to our family. They say “the dog picks you” and that couldn’t be more true with our little 5lb Maltipoo Fergie. Fergie has been with us for countless life events and special moments. She’s been to 5 different states, and counting, and is the queen of the airport when we travel. We simply cannot imagine life without her and are now looking forward to having her in our wedding in Las Vegas!(Add another state to the list!!) The staff at Furry Babies was informative, helpful and has offered continuous support in any way we have needed. Without the experience we had at Furry Babies when searching for our new family member we would not have met our best friend. Whether you are a new dog parent or not, Furry Babies will kindly help you find a healthy and happy puppy from a safe, reliable breeder!

Ella’s Family

I bought Ella from Furry Babies Bloomingdale in October 2016. I love this place- staff is so genuine and kind. They all have been there for me to answer any questions or concerns I have since the day I bought Ella. Ella is an amazing 6 year old yorkie. I am blown away by her strength and her resiliency. Ella is small but mighty. She is so smart and brings so much joy and tons of spunk into my life. When I lost my first dog Libby- Ella stepped up and quickly realized she had to be the only one in the house and be there as my comfort. I cannot imagine my life without her. I am blessed to have found Ella when I did. I love you Ella -thank you for being such an amazing dog!! Check out Furry Babies for your next dog, I promise they will be there every step of the way!!!

COOPER’s Family

A little over 2 year’s ago we welcomed into our family the cutest purebred male Golden Retriever from Furry Babies. He is now 89 pounds of pure cuddly fur!

The whole staff at Furry Babies are very friendly, professional, and knowledgeable about all the puppies they sell. They showed us our puppies' place of birth and his parents' lineage.
If you are looking to buy a puppy, do yourself a favor and visit a Furry Babies near you!

You also can see all the puppies available on their website.

louie’s Family

Ever since the day we brought him home, Louie has been a light in our lives! He keeps his big brother young with his playful energy and always brightens our days with his love. We couldn’t imagine a day without our little sunshine-he is the perfect fit for our family!

Olivia’s Family

I got Olivia from Furry Babies March 2019 and we have been inseparable ever since! She is the best dog and very intuitive to my needs. I'm a vet tech and Olivia has come to work with me to help practice the proper ways to restrain, perform ultrasounds, complete nail trims and take x-rays. At home, Olivia loves to play with squeaky toys and our cat. I would be lost without Olivia and am so grateful Furry Babies brought us together.

Bear & Cubby’s Family

We are so happy we found our puppies!!! If it wasn’t for furry babies in Lombard Yorktown we wouldn’t have them… We wanted a golden retriever,,when we went in we fell in love with (Bear) American cocker spaniel,,, they didn’t have a golden retriever at the time… we bought Bear and three weeks later they found us (Cubby) our golden retriever… Kaylee and her team were so helpful and made our dreams come true!!! They were very helpful with all the steps we had to take from care of our puppies to financially… very friendly… GREAT EXPERIENCE!!!

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