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A Look into the Best Puppy Toys – A Brief Guide| Furry Babies Lombard

July 26, 2023 | Categories: Petcare

A Look into the Best Puppy Toys – A Brief Guide| Furry Babies Lombard

How to Pick the Best Toys for Your Puppy

Choosing the best puppy toys for your new fur baby is crucial to ensure their entertainment and physical and mental development. Here’s a comprehensive guide to help you make the right choice.

Age and Size Matter

Young puppies, especially those in their teething stage, will find comfort in soft rubber toys. As your little pup grows, moving onto dog toys that move and provide interactive play will benefit their cognitive development.

Size also plays a significant role in toy selection. Too small toys can pose a choking risk for large puppies, while a toy too large may not be suitable for a small pup.

Safety First

Ensuring safety when picking types of puppy toys is paramount. Opt for non-destructible dog toys and those made from non-toxic materials. Toys with small detachable parts should be avoided to prevent choking risks. Need more tips? Check our guide on puppy-proofing your home.

Toy Types to Consider

Choosing the right toys for your puppy is akin to selecting the right tools for an important project. The best puppy toys entertain your fur baby and contribute to their physical health and mental growth. Let’s delve into some common toy types ideal for your puppy.

Chewable Toys:

Chewable toys are a puppy’s best friend, especially during teething. The pressure from chewing helps alleviate teething discomfort while keeping them occupied. Toys that make noise when chewed, provide entertainment, making them a firm favorite among pups. Some of these toys even have a ‘surprise’ movement when bitten, adding a fun element that keeps the dogs engaged for hours.

Teeth Cleaning Toys:

These are truly a two-in-one solution – a toy your puppy loves to gnaw and a tool that helps maintain their dental health. These toys are made from durable, non-destructible materials designed to withstand your puppy’s bite force. As your puppy chews on them, the toy’s surface helps remove plaque, thus promoting cleaner teeth and fresher breath. It’s like having a toothbrush disguised as a fun toy!

Interactive Toys:

If you want to mentally and physically engage your dog, interactive toys are the ideal choice.. These are usually dog toys that make noise and move, providing a challenge for your pup to tackle. From puzzle toys that hide treats inside to balls that squeak or rumble when moved, interactive toys can offer endless fun while promoting cognitive development.

Tug Toys:

Tug toys can offer hours of fun and are a great way for you and your pup to bond. They’re usually made of rope or a tough, stretchy material and can withstand much pulling and tugging. They are perfect for teaching your puppy commands like “drop it” or “leave it.” Remember, tug games should be supervised to ensure they don’t get overly aggressive.

Stuffed Toys:

Stuffed toys can be comforting companions for your puppy, especially when settling into their new home. Pups often enjoy carrying them around, shaking them, or even cuddling them during nap time. However, keep an eye on your puppy to ensure they don’t tear the toy open and ingest the stuffing, which can be harmful.

Fetch Toys:

Fetch toys are great for active puppies and can help burn off some of their boundless energy. These can include balls, frisbees, or other specially designed objects safe for a puppy to chase and carry in their mouth. Fetch toys can help improve your puppy’s agility and responsiveness and encourage healthy exercise habits. They’re also perfect for a fun game in the park or backyard. As with toys, ensure they’re size-appropriate and always supervise playtime for safety.

Remember, no toy is completely indestructible, so it’s always crucial to supervise your pup’s playtime to ensure their safety. Having a variety of toys will keep your puppy interested, entertained, and help foster their mental and physical development.

Toys: More Than Just Playthings

While toys provide much-needed entertainment for your pup, they benefit beyond just keeping your pet occupied. Each play session allows your puppy to learn, grow, and develop essential skills. For instance, a simple game of fetch can teach your pup not just about retrieving a ball but also about obedience, patience, and the reward of a job well done.


Toys that challenge your pup to solve problems or complete tasks — like a ball that dispenses treats when rolled a certain way — can help develop cognitive skills. Chew toys can provide a safe outlet for natural chewing instincts while promoting dental health.

Similarly, learning to use a leash is essential to your pup’s growth. Training your puppy to walk on a leash can be daunting, requiring patience, consistency, and the right techniques. It can be an enjoyable and rewarding experience, unlike their journey when figuring out an interactive toy. Regarding training, look at our guide on teaching your puppy to walk on a leash.

Training and Toys Go Hand in Hand

In addition to providing the right toys, appropriate training is necessary for their overall development. Have you ever wondered how to stop your puppy from jumping on guests? Or how about grooming your non-shedding breed puppy? You’ll find valuable information on our website.


Choosing the best puppy toys does require some thought and consideration, but with this guide, we’re confident you’re well-equipped to make the right choices. Remember the age, size, safety aspects, and types of toys while selecting. Always remember, toys are more than just a source of amusement; they are essential for their growth, learning, and overall well-being.

If you need personalized advice or have more questions about your puppy’s needs, don’t hesitate to contact us at Furry Babies Lombard. Our experienced team is always ready to guide you in nurturing your precious puppy into a healthy, happy, and well-behaved adult dog.

Ready to explore more? Visit Furry Babies Lombard today, and let’s embark on this amazing journey together!


Q: What are the best toys for teething puppies?

A: Rubber chew toys are great for teething puppies as they relieve and entertain the puppy.


Q: What types of dog toys should I avoid?

A: Toys made from toxic materials or those with small, detachable parts that could pose a choking hazard should be avoided.


Q: How often should I replace my puppy’s toys?

A: Regularly checking toys for damage or wear and tear is important. Replace them as soon as they show signs of being worn out.


Choosing the best puppy toys can be challenging, but remembering these key factors – age, size, safety, and the types of toys – will guide you in making the right choice.

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